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Mallorca Accommodation
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All you need to know to have a great holiday in Mallorca/Majorca


Mallorca accommodation

Once you’ve decided which area of Mallorca you’d like to stay in, the next question is, what sort of accommodation do you want?

There are beautiful places to stay in Mallorca to suit every budget.

Hotels in Mallorca

Hotels in Mallorca range from the luxurious through the ‘holiday hotel’ to your basic place to sleep and wash. Some are wonderful, some are ugly, some are overpriced. New hotels are being built all the time in Mallorca and old ones are being renovated. Before you book, it’s worth finding out as much as you can about the hotel you have in mind but the standard is generally high. Because Mallorca gets so many visitors, hotels are competing for business and that usually keeps them on their toes.

Do check also whether the price quoted includes breakfast and taxes.

If you’re looking for a big hotel that organises entertainment, it will probably be cheaper to book it through a tour operator than independently. There are loads of excellent package holidays you can get to Mallorca.

Directline Holidays offers a range of great deals on package holidays. It's definitely worth having a look at their specific Deals to Majorca.

If you’re planning to travel out of season, bear in mind that a lot of Mallorca is closed in the winter. However, this means you can get some good deals from the places that are open.

Self-catering villas and apartments in Mallorca

View from my window in Puerto Pollensa

There are many companies and individuals offering holiday homes to rent. This gives you a bit more freedom than you have in a hotel but of course you have to do all your own cooking etc.

Self-catering may be a cheaper option than staying in a hotel but this isn't automatically the case so, if you're basing your decision on finance, check the hotel deals carefully.

Agrotourism in Mallorca

Visitors to Mallorca are increasingly interested in staying in fincas (farmhouses) and rural ‘retreats’. Originally, agrotourism was supposed to be about people staying in rural communities and getting involved in the agricultural life of that place. Already, it has come to mean staying in rustic-style luxury. Agrotourism hotels, villas and fincas usually have private swimming pools and are, almost by definition, situated in beautiful surroundings. Putting ecology to one side, these are lovely places to stay.

Campsites in Mallorca

There are two official campsites in Mallorca:
Sun Club Picafort in Platja de Muro (which used to be called Las Gaviotas, near Alcúdia)
Club San Pedro in Artá

Although the Sun Club Picafort is superior, both have pretty good facilities.

Other accommodation in Mallorca

Additionally, there are a couple of youth hostels and many other hostels in Mallorca. Another possibility for a cheap, clean stay in Mallorca is to lodge in a monastery.

If you’re booking this type of basic accommodation, it’s a good idea to check in advance whether you are expected to bring a sleeping bag.