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What to See and Do in Mallorca

Activities and sports in Mallorca
Sightseeing and culture in Mallorca

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Whether you are interested in history, culture, shopping, eating, walking, boating, golf, exploring or just soaking up the atmosphere, you will find loads to satisfy you in Mallorca.

It can be tempting to do very little while on holiday and, if that’s what you need, Mallorca is a great place to rest. What I normally find, however, is that I relax better if I don’t spend the whole time lying on the beach but involve myself in a few activities. I tend to arrive on holiday quite tense and stressed and I find active relaxation – as opposed to slobbing around – unwinds me much more effectively.

If you’ve got limited time in Mallorca, it’s worthwhile making some plans in advance, to give yourself the best chance of fitting in as much as possible of what you want to see and do. If you’re really keen, you can, in many cases, book tickets/sessions/lessons and so on in advance on the internet, to make sure you can actually do whatever it is when you want to.

However, don’t book up every available day; leave yourself some space to improvise. You may find some activities physically demanding and you may want a day on the beach to recover. Face the fact that you can’t possibly do everything in one visit, and plan to go back to Mallorca again in a few months.

You can find some suggestions about what to see and do in Mallorca on these pages:

Activities and sports in Mallorca
Sightseeing and culture in Mallorca