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Where to Stay in Mallorca

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Which area of Mallorca? (continued)

West Mallorca and the Tramuntana mountains

From Andratx to Pollensa, along the west coast of Mallorca, runs the Tramuntana mountain range. This region is spectacularly beautiful and very popular with hikers, although walking is by no means the only thing you can do here. When driving, be prepared for hairpin bends at alarming heights!

There are many lovely places to stay in west Mallorca, both on the coast and inland. Sóller is an bustling little town, surrounded by orange, lemon and olive groves, from where it is easy to get to Palma, either by train or on the toll road that tunnels through the mountains. Puerto Sóller is a nice little harbour, though the beach is not up to much.

Valldemossa is a mountain town reminiscent of Austria. It’s famous for the Cartuja, a former monastery where the composer Chopin and his lover, the authoress George Sand, once spent the winter. (See What to See & Do in Mallorca.)

Deia , Mallorca

Not far from Valldemossa is the stunning village of Deià, where the English writer Robert Graves lived with Laura Riding (see What to See & Do in Mallorca). The views are amazing and, although it’s a long way up, you can get down to the sea relatively easily, either by car or on foot. This little place is popular with artists, writers and musicians, as well as lots of other people attracted by the beauty, the peace and the slightly bohemian atmosphere.

East Mallorca

The east coast of Mallorca is not, for some reason, as popular with the tourists as the rest of the island is. Portocristo is a good place to stay if you’re more interested in tranquillity than entertainment. There are some nice beaches in the area and a lot of history. There are also some extraordinary caves nearby, which are popular with the tourists and definitely worth a look (see What to See & Do in Mallorca.)

Portocristo is not far from Manacor, which is one of the biggest towns in Mallorca and has quite a lot to offer in terms of shopping, archaeology and new, trendy restaurants.

Once you’ve decided which area of Mallorca you’d like to stay in, the next question is, what sort of accommodation do you want?